MongoDb Database Designer

  • Job Title: MongoDb Database Designer
  • Duration:  6 months Contract (chance of 6-month extension)
  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Start Date: July 15, 2019

Job Description:

The Data Foundation project focuses on laying foundational work to offender-based data through a series of strategic and tactical activities to develop service-oriented architecture (SOA) and APIs to support new business initiatives, leverage the cloud and integrate a new document type DBMS.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Work with the Data Foundation team of developers, architects, DBAs and business analysts in leading the design, development and migration of offender-based data into MongoDB
  • Work with developers & architects in the design and implementation of new overall data architecture, including data service layer, cloud and MongoDB
  • Provide best practices and subject matter expertise with MongoDB, data architecture solution and roadmap
  • Provide best practices, subject matter expertise, advice and recommendations in areas such as data migration & sync with the current offender based OLTP RDBMS, HA, RD, Sharding, transactions, ACID compliance, etc.
  • Analyze business & data requirements and use cases and translate into data models and schemas; design MongoDB database to support new requirements
  • Define ETL requirements and processes
  • Prepare supporting documentation including standards, methodologies, best practices and diagrams as requested
  • Troubleshoot MongoDB related issues
  • Complete project tasks while ensuring commitment and quality through to completion
  • Transfer knowledge to the project team and other internal staff through training, demonstrations, written instructions and other documents on an ongoing basis throughout the project life cycle
  • Participate in project team meetings & code reviews with various groups within the company

Must Haves

  • Successful completion of two years of a post secondary education program in computer science or an IT related domain
  • Minimum 2 years of recent experience with MongoDB, from a database schema design perspective
  • Experience implementing MongoDB in a production environment
  • Experience with MongoDB as an overall solution architecture, e.g. Sharding, replication, HA, etc.
  • Experience with MongoDB v4 or higher
  • Experience with migrating from a relational data model to MongoDB schema
  • Experience with migrating data from a RDBMS to MongoDB

Nice to have

  • Experience migrating from a large, mission critical, HA, OLTP distributed relational database to MongoDB
  • Experience supporting a hybrid solution of an on-prem RDBMS & a cloud DB
  • Experience with sync’ing data from / to a RDBMS & MongoDB
  • Experience with ETL from a relational DB to MongoDB
  • Experience with Oracle